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Les sciences humaines et sociales à Orange Labs

Social Sciences and Humanities at Orange Labs

Digital Society Forum’s activity is based on partnerships with FING, Psychologies Magazine, and builds upon Orange Labs, the R&D network of Orange, which has developed strong skills in Humanities and Social Sciences. These partners organize and feed the forums.
Orange Labs’ researchers are actively involved in the choice of subjects, in the search for relevant research sources, and in the quality of published documents.

These researchers mobilize both traditional research methods within social sciences and humanities, and new techniques for analyzing large volumes of digital data.They are involved in several research projects of the French National Research Agency (ANR) and are associated with many scientific initiatives with French and international actors in the fields of digital humanities and applied social sciences. Their work is the subject of scientific publications.

From yesterday’s fixed-line telephones and Minitel up to today’s smartphones and online social networks, information and communication technologies are involved in the transformation of our daily lives and society. Orange Labs’ research aims to identify how these technologies affect – in the short or in the long run, progressively or radically – social and economic activities. This research guides Orange in the design of innovative digital services that meet social expectations. It contributes to the general understanding of social and economic transformations that accompany new technologies.